Established SJA Gemstone Association – Ms. Doan Thi Anh Vu is the chairwoman of the Association

On October 25, 2020, the 1st SJA Gemstone Association establishment congress took place at Palace Saigon Hotel, for the term 2020-2025, under the Ho Chi Minh City Jewelry Association. The meeting took place with the presence of representatives of the Ho Chi Minh City Jewelry Association and a large number of members of SJA Gemstone Association, which are participating in gold, silver and gemstones companies and related businesses.

At the meeting, the SJA Gemstone Association was nominated and approved by the Congress 16 members of the Executive Committee including: Mr. Huynh Vinh An; Mr. Nguyen Huu Buu; Mr. Vo Trong Duy; Mr. Thai Dan Giang; Mr. Huynh Tan Hung; Mr. Luu Tan Hung; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le; Mr. Bui Huy Nang; Ms. Bui Thi Kim Ngan; Ms. Nguyen Thi To Ngan; Ms. Lieu Thi Phuong; Mr. Tran Tien Thai; Mr. Ngo Duc Tien; Ms. Pham Ngoc Thien Trang; Ms. Truong Thi Thu Trang; Ms. Doan Thi Anh Vu.

And 03 members of the Inspection Committee include: Mr. Nguyen Huu Buu; Mr. Tran Thanh Huy; Mr. Doan Thach Nhu.

At the 1st Meeting of SJA Gemstone Association, Ms. Doan Thi Anh Vu was elected as the President of the Association; vice presidents include: Ms. Lieu Thi Phuong, Mr. Ngo Duc Tien, Mr. Huynh Vinh An, Mr. Thai Dan Giang; Head of Inspection Committee: Mr. Nguyen Huu Buu; Chief of Office: Mr. Tran Tien Thai.

Speaking at the congress, Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Jewelry Association, said: “The Association’s Executive Board highly appreciates the effort and responsibility that the Board of Branch establishment has been implemented. In the direction presented at the meeting, SJA Gemstone Association will continue to develop new members to gather, unite to help, exchange and share knowledge and experience in production, processing, and processing. trading gemstones, improving the management capacity of the enterprise in the spirit of colleague and completely non-profit. At the same time, Chi Hoi should take its membership as the center of its sustainable development ”.

SJA Gemstone Association was established by decision of the Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Jewelry and Jewelry Association. A branch is a subordinate unit and is subject to the direct leadership of the Association’s Executive Board, and is organized and operated according to the Association’s charter, regulations, State management agencies’ regulations and laws. The Association has the function of advising, proposing and directly implementing the tasks, resolutions, and regulations of the Executive Committee of the Association.

Chi Hoi operates within Ho Chi Minh City, in the fields of processing, manipulating, trading gems, semi-precious stones and other related professions, voluntarily establishing, to help each other develop. gemstones, semi-precious stones and fine arts stones in accordance with the State’s legal guidelines, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of members, contributing to the socio-economic development of Ho Chi Minh City. .

SJA Gemstone Association

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