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The reputation of the operator is almost a prerequisite to determine the efficiency of exploitation as well as the development potential of the resort real estate project. The leading operating management units in the world are very strict in choosing partners with many evaluation criteria, so only choose large-scale projects, beautiful locations, great potentials, investors have strong financial capacity and potential. The reputation of the international management unit is committed to the quality of the resort’s services according to international standards.

Resort real estate: Potential development with international management unit

In Vietnam, it seems that the number of professional hotel management and operation units in Vietnam is very small, the number can be counted on the fingers. For large investors, they understand that the product invested and put into operation effectively or not depends heavily on the project management and operation unit. Therefore, most of them choose to cooperate with international management units.

Objectively, if a local operator is professional and has experience in project operation management, the cooperation with the local operator will save significant management costs and initial profits. from bigger.

However, at present very few domestic operators can meet international management standards. The reason that most high-end resort real estate projects currently choose an international operating unit is the ability to operate and the ability to attract large numbers of guests, ensuring high room occupancy for the project. judgment.

The important role of the unit that manages and operates the resort real estate

Currently, in the resort real estate market, investors are paying special attention to the selection of professional operating management units. Because they have realized the practical benefits from the models brought. Here are the roles of a property management operator:

Providing quality services of an international level

Facing the trend of increasing international tourists coming to Vietnam, the professionalization of tourist services and accommodation according to international standards is very necessary. This is the factor that makes the reputation of hotels and resorts.

One of the brands that operates International

Normally, for foreign tourists, especially first-time visitors to Vietnam to have a safe choice for their accommodation, they will look to famous hotels and resorts by international brands. Because international management units apply common standards to the system worldwide, the quality of service has been experienced and recognized by international visitors.

For hotels and resorts in Vietnam, if they hire a reputable international management unit, it means that the hotel and resort ensure professional services according to the strict standards of the management group. From that, it can be seen that the reputation of the international management unit is the commitment to the service quality of the resort according to international standards.

Help minimize costs for maximum efficiency

Currently, although there are many management units operating domestically and internationally, they have been developing resort real estate. But it is impossible not to realize the real benefits that international management units bring to investors. From the satisfaction of users from the most professional services, the management, mining and indirect operating units increase the real estate value of the owners.

Another special point that investors benefit from resort real estate management units. For projects that are in the design phase, consulting from professional operating management units will help minimize costs to ensure the best operation and exploitation.

And if the investor self-management, exploitation, operation, it will cost a huge cost to be able to maintain the most stable number of tourists. Such as re-learning management experience of other professional units as well as advertising and marketing. Of course, the lack of experience will cause investors to pay in huge numbers.

Ensuring high rate of resort real estate exploitation, bringing attractive profits

An experienced management unit will be able to ensure a high rate of exploitation and bring attractive profits to investors, that is for sure.

Currently, 5-star resorts want to ensure the number of guests renting at high prices, they need to target international visitors. However, if it is a domestic management unit and does not have a smart investment strategy, attracting customers is not an easy problem. Meanwhile, international management units with brand reputation and a wide network of members worldwide will bring abundant international visitors to the resort, as well as meet the strict requirements. of high-end domestic customers.

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